Doing service projects is not only fun, useful and helpful to others, but is needed for rank advancement

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Sunday, June 12th, 10am until late afternoon, Laurita Equestrian Center, near junction of Route 195 and Route 295 (west of Six Flags in Jackson, NJ).

We are looking for many volunteers. Would any of the Boy Scouts be interested in participating for the day? We are having 75-100 extremely ill children come to the farm for the day to ride horses. This is to help them escape for the daily routines of doctors and medicines. Many of them are terminal and require a lot of assistance so we need volunteers to help the kids get on and off the ponies, people to walk on either side of the pony for support and overall just help out for the day. Any amount of time would be extremely helpful.


Parents, please contact Charlie Patel at or Vida Lipowski at if you are willing to help with any of the service projects.


Example Eagle Project

Thank you for all of your help with the TROOP 46 SERVICE PROJECTS past and future!