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Volume 2005, Issue 1 Editor: Danny M.                    Winter 2005


As we all know the Eagles lost the Superbowl, but for us Eagle fans it isn't that big of a loss because at least they got to the Superbowl. The Eagles played a good game on the 60' but apparently they played a little too hard in the 1" half and by the 2nd half the Eagles were tired out.

The Eagles weren't the only ones that played a good game, the Patriots played a good game too they kept the eagles from scoring in the second half (mostly because they were tired) and they got all of those interceptions and fumbles. Even though the referees made all the calls against Philly and none against the Pats, the Pats still played a good game. They didn't challenge any calls against them either.

The Superbowl was all fun and games and this year they didn't have many good commercials but that is beside the point, both teams played very well and we all can see there is one good team the Pats and one bad team Philly.

(Ice fishing and campfire camp out)
article by, Brian R.
Deadly Cobras

This article is about the January camp out which was and is the coldest camp outthere is. The day started out with only about three drivers (including my dad) and seven kids driving up on the two and a half hour drive to the camp reservation. When we got there, the whole campground was snow covered in about two feet of snow. We cleared the two feet of snow and first as usual got use to the camp and made the snow more accessible to move in as well as pitching the tents. Mr. Heckel had Al load his car's trunk with fire wood and we made a line and tossed the wood down the steep angled trail to the camp site where we stacked the wood.

Here I'll tell you my personal experience on the camp out for the first time of my first year as a scout. As mostly every one was by the fire, me, George, and Andrew were ice fishing. I could tell they didn't have the urge to fish because after half an hour they went back to the camp fire to chat and warm up. Every once in a while either the adults came out to see how I was doing, or George, Tim or anyone else would come out. They mostly asked if I caught anything. Then would stay for about five minutes then leave. I was out on the lake all day even a little after sundown but after all my effort of waiting and putting the very small bait fish or worms on the hook I caught nothing. But the best part was having the opportunity to ice fish. I did learn some lessons too. Like be ultra careful with the hooks (because I did get a hook poked at my left point finger.) Or even just get up when the your tent mates get up or you'll have a tough time getting everything together.

Overall, IT WAS MY FAVORITE CAMPING TRIP YET. (besides summer camp and the West Point trip.)

Why it's good to be a new scout
By Ricky A.

It's great to be a new scout because you are easily accepted and welcomed into the troop and everyone is eager and willing to help you with anything you need to succeed in scouting. Feeling like a team member is great. Another reason it's great to be a new scout is that you will be placed in a new scout patrol with scouts your own age, friends who just joined, or have graduated from Webelos. Although it may look a little hard and overwhelming in the beginning, each new scout patrol is given a troop guide and a troop instructor. The job of the guide, who is an older experienced scout is to "guide" the new scouts with ideas and the ways of getting ahead with your notebook, uniform, advancement, as well as what is expected of you in the first year. The instructor is also an senior scout as well who is responsible for teaching basic scout skills such as first aid, firebuilding, knots, cooking, and lashings to name a few. The instructor teaches the skills by first demonstrating them properly followed by a hands on approach, where the new scouts actually perform the skill themselves until they are mastered.

After a few months in your new scout patrol you feel the teamwork concept is starting to gel together, we are working like we have been together for years. Some of the new scouts have had opportunities of leadership such as patrol leader, assistant patrol leader, patrol first aider, patrol scribe, and patrol quartermaster. Before you know it it's time for summer camp, the week-long trip is the best and most exciting part of the first year. Our troop heads in 2 luxury coaches to Camp Yawgoog, in the state of Rhode Island. At camp we get 3 square meals, and we sleep in army style tents and we participate in activities such as swimming, hiking, rifle shooting, archery, canoeing, rowing, and scavenger hunts. Mid-week there is a pizza party for all patrol leaders and the senior leadership which includes the new "scout patrol" leaders.

As we near the end of our first year most of the new scouts have advanced in rank, earned a few merit badges, become handy with many scout skills, and more importantly have had a great time!!

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