TROOP 46 NEWS      
Volume 2002, Issue 2 Winter 2002

Ryan Conover
Knocks Out Competition

Boy Scout Ryan C. has again sold the most Holiday Wreaths within troop 46. This year he sold a total of 109. When asked in a past year how he does it, the young Scout replied, I start early and go door to door with my mom and dad. From this statement it must be true that the early bird catches the worm or in other words the early Scout catches the customers. After one whole night of wreath making, Ryan completed all of his 109 wreaths and would start delivering the next day. Overall though, under the guidance of Mr. Mikorski and the other wreath committee members this year’s wreath sale was a great success. Next year one can only hope for more success and possibly for Ryan to top this year’s score.

Learning to Fly

Various Scouts are working to attain the rank of Eagle. Eagle is the highest rank in the Scouting world, (excluding palms). In order to receive such an honor each Life Scout must meet a certain number of requirements. One such requirement is that of a service project to benefit the community. Recently several Life Scouts have been working on their projects. Chris G. has completed a cement patio for The Montgomery Cultural Center for the Arts, Ron N. has been working on a garden and memorial for the Volunteer Fire Company, Bobby B. has been working on a walkway at the Crawford House, and other Scouts such as Dan E. are working on projects to help benefit the community. May each one of these candidates and all future candidates learn to fly high with the Eagles.
Gettysburg Trip

At Gettysburg it was very fun. About 70 people altogether went. We went to see the electric map that told you about Gettysburg. We went to Eisenhower's House and there were a lot of military people there from WWII. After that we went on a 9 mile hike through Gettysburg. Some things we did on the hike were, walking through the wheat fields, climbing on the rocks at devils den, and we climbed little round top. From there we could see a lot of Gettysburg. The third day some people went home and other people did the 5 mile hike through another part of Gettysburg. Overall, the trip was a lot of fun.

From Down Below

After countless hours of rearranging, screaming, and pouring their souls into it the quartermasters have been able to turn the lock up into almost a miniature palace of organization. Each item for each patrol has been categorized, labeled, and given a specific spot in each assigned patrol bin. All of this was done under the guidance of Mr. Williams, Ron N., Greg E., and all the other Quartermasters. The Troop and countless others would like to thank everyone who made that effort possible. Also if any gear is in any scouts home…bring it in!

  • Bring in any gear from home
  • Constantly check the website for permissions and calendar updates
  • Ski Trip is approaching make sure all payments are in
  • Any roster updates or changes, direct to Mr. Elgort
  • Service Projects are always around, sign up and help
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