May Bike-Hike

By Mike K.

Edited By Adam B.


On May 19, 2001 Troop 46 went on a bike ride for about 40 miles.  13

 Members of our Troop went on the ride.  We stopped at Terhune Orchards about 10 miles from Burger King on 206.  Our average speed was 9 mph.  We stopped at Terhune to get apples, cider, cider slushies, and doughnuts.  We went about 20 miles from Terhune down to the Hilltop Sub Station.  On the way back we had to have some people picked up, but 12 of us made it the whole way.  We had another 10 miles back to the Burger King.  It was a fun time for the 13 boys that went!