March Campout: Wizard Patrol

By Bobby S.

Edited By Adam B.


††††††††† On Saturday, March 31st, Troop 46 camped at the Kittatiny Mountain Scouting Area in northern New Jersey.This was the first trip the Wizard patrol (made up of new scouts and I as their troop guide) was allowed to attend.The older scouts had a backpacking activity and walked the Appalachian Trail for about 10 miles to get to the campsite.But, because I was in charge of some more inexperienced kids, I didnít have to do that.Our patrol and the other new patrols were driven right into the camp.

††††††††† This was the first campout for the new patrols (the scouts who just joined our troop in February), so they worked on a lot of different skills.There were demonstrations for cooking, how to clean dishes, and they worked on Totiní Chip and Firemanís Chit so they could carry knives and knew how to build fires.There was also time to learn to set up tents, but we had already done that at a patrol meeting I had so they were really good at that already.

††††††††† We cooked as a patrol for the first time.The scoutmaster gave us the menu with a meal titled Mulliganís Stew, and afterwards we had an apple dessert.It came out okay.We had apple pancakes for breakfast. However, it was pretty hard to make enough pancakes in the short amount of time that we had, so some of us didnít get a chance to eat.

††††††††† The camp was pretty nice.The weather was good too, especially since we heard it was raining and snowing at home, but it was dry at camp. It did get really cold at night, and some of the scouts, especially the new scouts, werenít warm enough.But no one got sick, and everybody made it through.

††††††††† I would say that it was a great first campout for the new boys who went.In the Wizard patrol, we had a very good turnout, and 5 scouts out of 6 and 2 dads out of six managed to come to this spectacular troop event. The dads were really helpful, and they really did a lot for the scouts and I. Dannyís dad is and Eagle scout, so he was a very good helper. But we didnít let him help too much, or else the new kids wouldnít learn anything.I have a very good patrol and they are hard workers.They all said that they had a good time, and couldnít wait to come back soon.